The Financial Council is a consultative body, appointed by Father, which makes recommendations to him and the Parish Pastoral Council. They assist Father in the administration of parish goods in conformity with the civil, canonical and diocesan regulations pertaining to temporal administration of the Parish. They give sound financial guidance and planning regarding the resources needed to develop and implement Parish plans and programs. The members are appointed by Father and meet on the third Monday of the month. They work hand in hand with the Pastoral Council.


Rev: Paul Doucet, Pastor
Chairperson: Tilly O’Neill Gordon
Vice-Chair: Mary Derry
Marielle Flanagan
Doug MacDonald
Frank Petrie
Bill Young

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  1. Jim Burns 889 Wellington Street, Miramichi E1N 4N5 ( 228-1117 )
    Jim Burns 889 Wellington Street, Miramichi E1N 4N5 ( 228-1117 ) Posted on August 3, 2018 at 9:25 pm

    I note our parish bulletin continues to prominently display the advertising of our Liberal politician, Mr. Bill Fraser
    Liberal party policy dictates parties seeking government money or assistance must accept and agree with abortion.
    The Bishop has clearly spelled out our position on this matter.
    So, why are we accepting / allowing this advertising on the parish bulletin ?
    – Jim

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