Dear Parishioners:
As we reflect on the role St. Michael’s Basilica plays in our lives, let’s think for a moment of the hundreds of families who have celebrated the baptism of a child, the beginning of the faith journey, in our church. Remember the excitement and pride of parents and grandparents as they watched their children and grandchildren celebrate first confession and first communion. Think about the parents who walked their sons and daughters down the aisle as they celebrated the sacrament of marriage. At St. Michael’s, we have expressed compassion and consolation when we gathered to celebrate the rite of Christian burial for family members and friends.

Each week we gather at St. Michael’s to experience God’s love as we celebrate the Sunday Eucharist. Together, as a parish community, we mark the years as we celebrate Christmas and Easter and all the feasts of the liturgical calendar. As a parish family, we celebrate milestones in each other’s lives with anniversary masses and other special celebrations.
St. Michael’s Church has played an important role in our families and the whole Miramichi community for over 100 years. Now it is our responsibility and privilege to ensure that St. Michael’s Church continues to grow as a vibrant faith community.As we embark on our capital fundraising campaign, I ask you to reflect on the following: “What return to the Lord shall I make for his generosity to me?” I encourage you to participate in this important capital fundraising campaign as its success is dependent on you, our parishioners, and your generosity.

Together in faith,
Father John Fraser
St. Michael’s Basilica Parish Priest

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