If you have any questions please contact Renee Comeau,  Religious Education Coordinator  778-5153

Please note the following dates…

April 28, Last day of class *except grade 9

April 28, All grade 2 students and their parents are asked to attend 10:30 Mass. This will be a practise run for their First Communion.

May 5, First Communion. 10:30am Mass

May 12, Last day of class for grade 9.

May 19, Confirmation. 5:30pm Mass

Attention Miramichi Youth Grades 9 to 12

Next Thursday April 11 6:30pm to 8:30 we have a great evening planned for you!!

Games, Fun, Music, and we forgot to mention Food.

It starts at April 11th 6:30 pm at St Michaels Basilica

And on April 25th same time we do it again at St Mary’s

More games,Fun, Music and Food

Everyone is welcome. Bring a friend.