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Last Sunday of the month – During the pandemic precautions we can only have one family, so Baptisms are performed every Sunday as needed.

Click here to schedule your child’s Baptism.



Saturday 3:00pm – 3:45pm

First Friday 7:00 pm

or by appointment.

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Ministry to Sick/Shut Ins

Please notify the Parish Office to arrange visits.

Rev. Antonio-Reyes


Please notify the Parish Office to plan a Wedding.

For more information on Sacraments, please call the Parish Office 506-778-5150.

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religious education ministry

Wouldn’t it be great if the Church came out of this pandemic stronger? 

Wouldn’t it be a true blessing if Catholics found themselves more committed to attending Mass?

Please visit this website for a great article on how to Worship at Home with Your Family.

religious adult education ministry

Saint Michael the Archangel Parish is offering
weekly educational discussions on the Catholic Christian faith,
from September to June.  

Catholics and non-Catholics alike are welcome, 
to all sessions, or
to sessions of particular interest, 
to increase understanding of the Catholic faith.  

An outline of session topics follows, and the session schedule will be posted by September. 

If you are interested in attending these sessions, or
if you are interested in becoming Catholic through the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA),
please email the parish office: or call 506-778-5150.


Click I’m Interested!  to fill out the form!

Sessions will address topics including:
† What is Faith?
† Who is God, and why does God care about me?
† Who is Jesus Christ?
† What is the Holy Trinity?
† How does the Church understand the Bible?
† What are the Sacraments?
† Prayer
† The Call to Holiness, and the example of the Saints
† Living the Virtues
† The Dignity of Life
† The Church Community
† Social Justice
† What are the roles of Mary and the pope in the Catholic Church?

These weekly sessions follow Liguori Publications’ Journey of Faith program.

Each weekly session includes scripture reading, faith discussions, prayer, and answering questions.

Discussions are hosted in an inviting, sacred space.

Hospitality will be provided to ensure comfort, and break time for following up on particular questions.